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Your Own Extension. You create your own extension made of any letters and numbers.

Easy to Remember. Your users won't have to search the web to find your website.

Meaningful. Your domain name truly reflects your brand identity.

Multilingual. Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic? No problem!

Authentic. Your brand is protected and your identity unmistakable .

Future Ready. Your name is fully ready for the new era of the Internet of Things.

Yours Only. You decide who can register domain names with your extension.

Marketable. You choose how much to charge others to use your extension.

Earning You Money. You get a percentage of every sale of a domain with your extension.

Fully Compatible. AltaNames are a super-set of the old domain name system, so they're 100% compatible with it.


Our Mission
Our mission is to transform the Internet domain naming system to empower individuals, organizations and businesses to control their online brand.


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